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William J. Worth (1794-1849)[edit | edit source]

William Jenkins Worth was born to Quaker parents in Hudson, New York. As a young adult, Worth left Hudson and moved to Albany, where he worked as a merchant. Rejecting the pacifism of his parents, he joined the Army at the start of the War of 1812.

During the war, Worth served under General Winfield Scott and distinguished himself in several key battles, serving in Jefferson County as well as other areas in New York State. He was wounded during the Niagara Campaign, but survived. After the war, Worth served at West Point, where he rose to the rank of Colonel in 1938.

Worth became famous for his victories in the Mexican American War, which was fought in Texas. For his efforts, Congress awarded him the Sword of Honor. Worth died of Cholera in San Antonio, Texas in 1849.

Worth is the namesake of many places, notably Ft. Worth, Texas. The Town of Worth in Jefferson County is also named for him.

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