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William Martin Mansion[edit | edit source]


William Martin Mansion, Lafargeville. Outside of Lafargeville, near the remains of the Lafarge Mansion. The William Martin Mansion has now been torn down, all that remains is the windmill tower.

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According to town historian Bonnie Schafer: "The house was called the William Martin Mansion at one time. John Lafarge transferred a little over 217 acres to William and Sophronia Martin on June 7 1830. The stone house was quarried from nearby native limestone, had 11 rooms, 2 large hallways and fireplaces. Mr Martin was supervisor of town of Orleans.

The property passed a few time, Delano Calvin and heirs owned it at one time. In 1882 the stone house and farm was conveyed to Wendel Hyel and transferred to Georgiania Jerome on Nov 20 1922. Its been in the Jerome family every since. From my understanding no one has lived in the house since early 1970. I checked with the town clerk too, its listed under Manford and Louise Jerome.

A visitor says "In 1990 while out biking we heard a very loud noise from the building as we passed by... a closer look we found that the staircase had collapsed."

This building has now been demolished by the owners of the property.

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