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Vogt House is a stone house located in Brownville. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vogt House is a well-known landmark in Brownville, and is easily recognizable as the limestone home near the Brownville bridge. An excellent view of the dwelling can be achieved by approaching from Paddy Hill via Route 12 F, cross the Brownville Bridge and you are practically in the front yard of Vogt House. A unique feature to the house is the asymmetrical three-bay West wall, and large fan light on the uppermost levels.

Built in the Federal Style between 1826 and 1835, The Vogt house was originally owned by Thomas L. Knapp. Knapp was an enterprising fellow whom built a large flour mill, tannery and a linseed oil mill. In the manufacture of linseed oil Thomas used the local resources of Philomel Creek and cooperated with area farmers in the cultivation of flax. In 1838 Mr. Knapp started the Jefferson Lead Manufacturing Co., which churned out white lead and lithic paints. Also among Mr. Knapp’s successes where stints as village president (1849) and town supervisor (1850). Thomas L. Knapp died at Pittsburgh in 1851 of cholera.

Martin Vogt purchased the home and lived there with is wife Anna for 39 years. Mr. M Vogt was a prolific Brownville citizen in his time, while running the family farm he partnered with his brother Jacob in operating the Vogt Homestead cheese factory. The Vogt brothers became famous for the manufacture of Limburger Cheese and were one of the best known cheese makers in Northern New York.

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