Van Waldick Shooting of Ryan Dorr, Kidnapping of Jessica Quinta

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Van Waldick Shooting of Ryan Dorr, Kidnapping of Jessica Quinta[edit | edit source]

Watertown Police Officer Michael Van Waldick, 26, had been on the police force since January 2002. His father had been a Watertown police officer also, but was retired.

In 2004 Van Waldick and his girlfriend of six years, Jessica Quinta, broke up and Van Waldick began to harass and abuse Quinta verbally and physically.

In December of 2004 Van Waldick confronted and threatened his ex-girlfriend's friend, Ryan Dorr, where Dorr worked at Applebee's Restaurant in Watertown. Jessica Quinta also worked at the restaurant.

Days later around 1:00 AM Van Waldick, off-duty but wearing a bulletproof vest, scaled a ladder and shot into Dorr's apartment, injuring him in the back. He then climbed inside and fired a number of more shots into Dorr's chest and belly. The gun used in the crime was not Van Waldick's service weapon.

Van Waldick then kidnapped Jessica Quinta at gunpoint, who was also in the apartment at the time. She was later released unharmed at one of Van Waldick's friend's. After a day of being searched for by the police he surrendered at his father's home, unarmed and without further incident.

Dorr was critically injured in the chest in the incident and underwent emergency surgery.

Van Waldick pleaded guilty to attempted murder, kidnapping and grand larceny charges. He was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in state prison, and ordered to pay more than $13,000 in restitution. He will also be on five years of supervised release after the prison term.

Ryan Dorr later sued the city and Watertown Police Department, because of incidents that were covered up or ignored by the police department concerning Van Waldick and his domestic abuse of Quintas, including a former kidnapping of the woman.

A state investigation found severe problems with how the city police department dealt with the incidents before the shooting.

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