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Trinity Court Street
Trinity Court Street
Trinity Sherman Street
Trinity Sherman Street
The first Trinity Church was built fronting the old Burying Ground Cemetery on Court Street in 1833. It burned in the great downtown fire of 1849 and was rebuilt in 1851(left). The second structure remained there from 1851-1890, when the City razed it to build the City Hall.

The "new" Trinity Episcopal Church (right) stands on Sherman Street in Watertown. The high Gothic structure was designed by architect William Pitt Wentworth and built by Roswell and Anson Flower, who donated the structure to the Trinity congregation in 1889. The original Parish House was replaced in 1911 with the current structure.

In 2009, the high cost of maintenance led Trinity to close the the Parish House. Plans are underway to construct a more modern Parish House at the corner of Sherman and Stone Streets. The old Parish House will be shored up, as there are no plans at this time to demolish the structure.

Trinity Church and Parish House were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

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