The Strange Death of Patrick Rust

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The Strange Death of Patrick Rust[edit | edit source]

Sargent Patrick Rust, 23, was a soldier stationed at Fort Drum and a Northern New York native, from Russell, NY. He had recently come back from Afghanistan in February.

On March 15th, 2007 Rust moved from his barracks on base to an apartment with a friend. That day he and his friend and new roommate spent quite some time at the Salmon Run Mall, buying videogames. The friend went tanning at the mall but Rust decided to go home to play his videogames, planning on walking to his apartment on Sterling Street. But instead he went to the Clueless Bar on Arsenal Street and met an old schoolmate there. Later, sometime after 1:00 AM, he left the bar. He was never seen alive again.

Rust never showed up for duty and the Army listed him as absent without leave. His cell phone had not been used since that night nor any money taken from his bank accounts. The police said at the time that there had been sightings of him, but nothing substantiated.

Months later, late on the Sunday of September 16th, a farmer cutting hay found human remains off from the Old Rome State Road in the Town of Hounsfield. The remains were totally decomposed. Cash and an ATM card were found in the pockets of the clothes.

It was determined that it was likely the body of Rust, which was sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington. D.C. where it was confirmed. The three CD's of video games that he had bought at the Salmon Run Mall were not found.

This crime has never been solved.

Bizarrely, the remains of Alicia Wasilewski were found on Ives Street in Watertown within two days of the finding of Rust's remains.

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