The Stores of Watertown

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Here are a list of stores in Watertown, past and present

5 and Dime

A&P (Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company), Arsenal Street


Abe Cooper Surplus

Aboud & Bahou

Academy St Market

Acme Markets

Allens Shoes


Apex Army Navy Store

Arcade Market & Bakery

Arcade Shoe Shop (& Shine)


Asian Market, State Street

Atomic Market

Avon Shoes

Bachman's 5&10


Bakers Pharmacy

Barbara Moss


Bargain Center

Barsco Company, High St

Bee Hive, The

Ben Franklyn Crafts

Berrow & Monroe

Big Apple Music

Big M, S. Massey Street at West Mullin

The Black River Adventurers Shop

Bob Kurtz Chevrolet

Bolton's Drug Store

Bonadio's Liquor Store

Boora's Soda Shop

Boston Shoe Repair

Boulton's Market, 307 South Hamilton Street

Boy's & Men's Specialty Shop

Breen Avenue Market

Brown & Foster Grocery, Public Square

Burdick Coal and Fuel Oil Co.

Cahill's Sporting Goods

Calendar's Market

California Fruit Market

Candy Corner

Capone's Grocery, Arsenal Street (foot of bridge)

Carbone Bros. Market

Cardinals Market

Cardinals Gifts


Carpenter's Store, 952 West Main

Carolyn Pontiac

Castro's Florist

Century Housewares

Vince Cesario General Store, Coffeen St 30's-50's

Chapin's Florist

City Hall Market, Court Street

Clay Street Market

Colonial Woodshed

Cooley's Corner Store

Cooper Street Store, 200 West Lynde

Cooper's, 1102 Franklin Street

Condes Hardware Store

Coresan's Shoes

Court Street Market

Cresent's Market, Arsenal Street

Curtis-Holmes Music Store

Dairy Fountain

Dairy Queen

Dandee Doughnuts

Derrigo's Fruit Stand

Derrigo's Gas Sation


Diana Dress Shop

DiStefanos Greenhouse

Dixons TV Repair

Dodge Brothers Garage

Does Grocery

Dorr's Market

Dunkin Doughnut

Dunlop Tires

Empsall's Department Store

Empsalls Drug Store

Empsall's Mens Shop (not the dept store)

Endicot and Johnson Shoes

Esfords Groceries

Esposito’s Small Engine

Eveleigh's Market, State Street at Park Drive

Family Bargain Center

Fanny Farmer Candy

Fishman's Store

Fitzgerald's Grocery

Fobert's Market

Fues Grocery Store, 38 Court Street

Gale Street Market

Gallucio's Market

Genter & Brennon's


Gordon's Furniture, 154 Court St.

Gorri's Market

Gotham Street Market

Gould Motor Company (Buick)

Grand Union

Grants Drug Store

Grays Floral

Great American

Greene's Store, 726 Washington Street

Grieco's Produce


Guardino's Market, 602 Franklin

Habeeb Bros.

Halley Electric

Happy Ear

Harlo Motors (Nash)

Henry Jewelers

Henry's Record Store


Hickey's Grocery Store

Highway Market, West Main and Leray St

Holcomb Street Market

Holstein's Market

Honda Shop, The

Horning's Grocery

Household Merritt Furniture

Howland's Department Store

IGA, Mill Street

IGA Baker boys bakery

JB Wise Company

Jack's Harley


J&B Convenience store

Jean's Beans

JJ Newberry'

Jenkin's Grocery, 624 Gotham Street

Jim & Andy's Groceries, 236 Coffeen Street

Joe Powers Furniture

Johnnie Doe's Red & White, 504 Pearl Street

Johnnie's Fruit Stand

Jones Sport Shop

KarmelKorn Shop

Kelley's Grocery

Kelly's Hat Shop

Ken's Bike Shop

K-Mart (Washington Street)

Kinney Rexall Drugs

Kinney Shoes


Kriffs Furniture

Kwik Stop, Washington Street

Lathans Dodge

Leepy's Market

LeRay Street Market

Little "Mo" Mohican


Loft's Candies

Lowe Brothers Paint


Maggie's Magazine

Mahon's Grocery

Major's Market


Marra's Grocery, 400 South Meadow Street

Marsh's Shoes

Martuzas Music

Masons Bridal

Massey's Furniture Barn


McClements Grocery, Bronson Street

Meadow Street Market

Mercer's Dairy Market

Jenkins Grocery

JR Millers


Mid-State Super Market

Miller Shoe Store


Minnie Mathar's Market

Mode Supply

Montgomery Wards

Morrisons Furniture

Mother Wouldn't Like It

Music for you

Mylo's Shake Shop

N & D Market, corner of Huntington & Central Street

National Shoes


New York Grocery, 337 Arsenal Street



North Country Battery

Northrop Motors (Ford)


Oddi's Store

One Way Groceries, 344 Court Street

Oriental Market, 333 Clay Street

P & C

Palumbo's Grocery, Franklin Street

Par Super Market

Parkview Market

Pearl Plantz

Phil's Meat Market, Massey St

Pine Cleaners, Franklin Street

Plaza Sports Center

Plumpton Chevrolet

Polish Bakery

Price Chopper, Arsenal Street

Puffs Ice Cream

Quick Motors (Cadillacs)

ReCre's Bike Studio

Red and White

Renzi's Market

Riggs Avenue Market, 908 Riggs Avenue

Robert Hall's

Robinson's Store

Robinson's Book Store, in The Arcade

Rocky's Fruit Stand

Roukous Market

Ruth's Market, 636 Grant Street


Rutland Street Market, 251 North Rutland Street

S&S Market, Arsenal Street & Court Street

Sowans Grocery

SL George's, Court Street

Sammy's Florist, Coffeen Street

Scarabino's Food Market

Scordo's Gas Station

Schmidt's Music

Sears Roebuck

Seat Cover Korner

Severance Photos

Sinclair Gas

Smith's Meat Market

Sowan Super Market (Chas & George)

Standard Auto Parts

State Street Body Works (Rambler, American Motors-AMC)

State Street Market, 261 State Street

Stevens Grocery

Stitt's, Arsenal Street

Strauss Electric

Suburban Market

Super Duper

Ted Rand Men's Wear, Arcade Street

Thom McCann's

Thruway Market

Tony's Fruit Stand

Tops and Bottoms

Traver's News Stand

Trotter Equipment (Saab)

Town Motors

Water Street Market

Watertown Motors

Watertown Glass and hardware

WT Grants


Whalen's Drug Store

Wheeler's Store

Wilbur's Discount City


Zaremba's Grocery