The Murder of Patsy Vineyard

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The Murder of Patsy Vineyard[edit | edit source]

Lesley Eugene Warren, a Fort Drum soldier, allegedly met Patsy Vineyard at a bar in May of 1987 while her husband was out of town. They then allegedly went to the then-abandoned Madison Barracks where Warren strangled her and threw her body into the Black River near Sackets Harbor.

On May 21, 1987, Patsy's husband returned to their home to find her not there. He quickly reported her as a missing person.

Patsy Diane Vineyard had come from Tennessee where she was the only one of her family to move away from the area, marrying a soldier; Pvt. Michael Vineyard. Patsy Vineyard was born on May 1st, 1967 and was survived by her parents (who have since passed away) and one sister, one brother, and two half brothers. One of her family members describe her as "the most loving person anyone would ever want to meet."

Warren was not tried for Patsy's murder but he did receive a life sentence for killing Velma Gray in Spartanburg, South Carolina and the Asheville murders of Jayme Hurley and Katherine Johnson. Investigators believe that he is responsible for at least eight to ten other murders of women. He was said to be a good-looking and charismatic man who charmed and seduced his victims before then murdering them. Warren is now on Death Row in Central Prison, NC for the last two victims.

Warren was born on October 15, 1967 in Candler, NC. He was the oldest of two siblings and a half-sister and half-brother and had been physically and psychologically abused since birth by his father. He achieved his GED after dropping out of school during middle school.

He received a Dishonorable Discharge from the military, and was a heavy alcohol and drug abuser. Diagnosed with conduct disorder and schizoid personality disorder, his IQ was measured at 115-125.

Warren killed only female victims who were good-looking and white from age 20 to 40, from April 1987 to 7/16/1990. Usually Warren killed his victims close to where he was living at the time. Though he used a gun to threaten the women he ultimately strangled each one to death, and was known as "The Babyface Killer" (a true crime book was written about him, under this nickname).

He was arrested 7/21/1990 and convicted 9/15/1993 and is presently on Death Row.

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