The Disappearance of William Morgan

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The Disappearance of William Morgan[edit | edit source]

William Morgan was a Mason in Genessee County, NY. In 1826 he published fraternal secrets, an infraction of the highest order. He was kidnapped in 1831 and taken to Batavia, where he was charged with debt. On September 11, 1831, he was taken from the jail at Batavia and never seen again.

Local rumors swirled that Morgan was brought to the Masonic Lodge at Sackets Harbor where he was held for some time before being "foully murdered." Captain King, an officer of the 2nd Infantry at Madison Barracks, along other Sackets Harbor Masons, were implicated in the Morgan abduction. Suspicion also surrounded hi-level Watertown Masons Judge Perley Keyes and Orville Hungerford.

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