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Sterlingville[edit | edit source]

Sterlingville was one of the villages absorbed during the Pine Camp expansion and ceased to exist around 1941. It was the largest of the villages taken over by the expansion, and was still growing with two churches and a school district.

The village was started sometime in the 1800's. Daniel Sterling, a Quaker, brought his family to Antwerp where they settled. Their son, James Sterling, who had learned iron working, heard of some natural iron that had been found on a farm near Antwerp. He bought the land and started an iron mining and smelting business, with a cold-blast iron furnace built where Sterlingville would eventually be. This started his career as a major iron baron in the region.

The site is now a historical landmark and the foundations of the buildings are protected cloth sheeting, held down by sandbags - yet the area still can be used for checkpoint training by the military.

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