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State Street[edit | edit source]

Lower State Street
Lower State Street
State Street in Watertown begins at Public Square and stretching east to the city limits. The street began as an extension of Old State Road, an early 19th century "highway" which linked Utica in Central New York State to Northern New York and Watertown. State Street derives its name from its past link with this road. Today, the path from Watertown to Utica comprises State Route 12.
Streetcar coming down State Street c. 1900
Streetcar coming down State Street c. 1900

State Street has traditionally been a mixture of businesses and residences. Schools and churches have also been a fixture of State Street from its earliest years. Unlike a lot of older streets in Watertown, State Street has lost most its Victorian character, and is instead lined with numerous early 20th century commercial and residential buildings. In the early 20th century, streetcars ran down State Street into Public Square. The main entrance to Thompson Park is situated off outer State Street just before the city limits.

State Street underwent an extensive reconstruction project in 2006 and 2007. The entire street, from Public Square to the city limits was entirely rebuilt, with lower State Street also being widened to accommodate traffic and parking. The tracks the streetcars ran on were unearthed during the construction, buried under years and layers of asphalt.

Notable State Street Structures[edit | edit source]

State Street Methodist

Marcy Building

Vassar Flats

Emerson Place

State Street School

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