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State Route 3 (Route 3)[edit | edit source]

State Route 3 is a major state highway which travels through Jefferson County, it's total distance (including the section that runs through Jefferson County) is 250 miles and goes from the western part of New York State in Cayuga County's town of Sterling to the east in Clinton County, Plattsburgh. This highway covers eight counties and travels along Lake Ontario, Adirondack Park, and through cities such as Watertown, Fulton, and Plattsburg.

Originally it was the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway (the part that ran through New York State) but over the years it's routing has changed a number of times.

As it travels through Watertown it is also known as Arsenal Street and this section is maintained by the City of Watertown while the rest of Route 3 through Jefferson County is maintained by the State of New York.

State Route 3 also journeys by the edge of Fort Drum, follows the Black River a distance and crosses the Indian River at one point, and goes through or near the villages of Ellisburg, Sackets Harbor, Black River, Deferiet, Carthage, Fargo, and Natural Bridge as well as near the state parks of Wehle State Park and Wescott Beach State Park. The highway intersects major highways of Jefferson County like State Route 342, State Route 180, State Route 11, and State Route 12.

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