Soldier's and Sailor's Monument

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The Soldier's and Sailor's Monument stands at the west end of Public Square Park in Watertown. The statue was dedicated in 1891.

The 55ft tall statue was donated by a Mr. and Mrs. George Cook to honor Jefferson County citizens who fought in the Civil War. Two statues, a sailor and a soldier in Civil War uniform, flank the bottom of the structure, while a statue of Victory sits at its top.

An assessment done by the city determined the monument was in need of much restoration work. The city received a state grant toward the cost of restoring the monument, the rest of the funds will be raised through private donations. It was hoped work on the monument will begin in 2011.

It was announced that work would begin on the monument in August, 2012. The work, which includes restoring mortar joints, cleaning the monument of moss and the restoration of the bronze statues, will take three weeks to complete, and is considered, along with the J.B. Wise renovation, the final piece of the Downtown Streetscape Project,

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