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Dr. Samuel Guthrie House[edit | edit source]

Samuel Guthrie House
Dr. Samuel Guthrie built his federal style brick house in what was then the hamlet of Jewettville, just outside of Sackets Harbor. It's significance lies in the house's original owner, as well as being one of the last standing remnants of Jewettville, which no longer exists.

Guthrie built his house in 1818, and lived and worked in it during the ensuing years of his success as a physician and inventor. Towards the end of his life, and with his fortunes declining, Guthrie sold the house to his friend, General Patrick, shortly before his death in 1848. Patrick sold the house to the Fitzgerald family in 1858, and the building has remained in the Fitzgerald family ever since.

Today, a plaque next to the house denotes Dr. Guthrie's past association with the building. The structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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