Rothstock Building

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The eight story Rothstock Building was erected on Court Street in Watertown in 1906. The art deco building, which later became known as the Brighton, was home to Watertown's famous Empsall's Department Store for over 70 years.

The two bottom floors once occupied by Empsall's have since then been home to many businesses since the department store closed in the early 1990's.

The builders of the Rothstock originally formed a large upscale hotel in the building's six upper floors, which included posh imported furniture and amenities. The hotel was at first successful, but renovations to the Woodruff House and Hardiman Hotel, as well as the opening of the LeRay Hotel forced the Rothstock's owners to close the hotel soon after it opened. The building was later opened as the Brighton Hotel, closing in the 1960's. After an extensive historical restoration project, the building reopened in 1992 as an apartment house.

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