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Robert Hitchcock

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Robert Hitchcock, the inventor of the Hitchcock Lamp, was the son of Archibald & Mary "Aunt Polly" Hinkley Hitchcock. He was born October 20,1832 in a small stone house near the ferry on Wolfe Island, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada. He lived there until the age of 16 when he moved to Watertown, Jefferson County, New York. When he first came to Watertown he became a jewelry apprentice in a store owned by U.H. Sigourney and two years later became a partner. In a few years he bought out his partner and ran the store by himself.

In 1859 Roswell P. Flower became a resident of Watertown and soon went into partnership with Robert, until 1863 when Robert went to Boston, Mass. There he became associated with E. Howard; who was the manufacturer of Howard Watches. From there he moved to Bristol, Conn. and took charge of constructing a building for a new factory that was to make fine machinery and clock works. After the building was completed he became partners with George A. Jones of New York. That became known as "Jones and Hitchcock". They made electrical machinery, clock works and lamps. In Bristol he made his first lamp and marketed it. This lamp was to be known as The Hitchcock Lamp. With this lamp he became famous not only in America but also abroad. Then in 1872 he returned to Watertown, New York and supervised another building of a factory. And the "Hitchcock Lamp Company" was then incorporated with a capital of $100,000. Roswell P. Flower was a major stockholder in the company. This factory building would eventually become The New York Air Brake Shop. In 1895 he re-incorporated under the name "Jefferson Brass Works" with Governor Roswell P. Flower as president and John B. Taylor as secretary & treasurer. Somewhere around 1896 he withdrew from the company and had his lamps manufactured in Connecticut.

Robert was married in May of 1855 to Eveline Huntington and they had three children; Julia who was born in 1860, Lizzie who was born in 1863; and Anna who was born in 1878. Robert was said to be a very pleasant person with a good personality and a thoughtful father and husband. He was very well versed on foreign affairs and society, their customs and lamps. His Motto was "Home first, Last and Always."

Robert died from a massive heart attack on a Thursday afternoon, July 19, 1900 at his home on 37 Ten Eyck Street, Watertown, New York. He was 67 years and 6 months old.

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