Redwood Glass Manufacturing Company

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Redwood Glass Manufacturing Company[edit | edit source]

In April, 1833 John. S. Foster visited the area, checked out some locations, and settled on a stream connecting Mud and Butterfield Lakes, the former lake ninety-four feet above the other, providing some water power. The location had been improved by a saw and grist-mill by David Smith of Adams, previously. Foster contracted with Francis Depau for 10,000 acres of land and borrowed some money from him and built a glass factory. On September 30, 1833 the first glass was made. The village had previously been surveyed by Thomas Clark and called Jamesville, but Foster renamed it Redwood for its similarity to Redford, which was where the Redford Crown Glass Company that he had been previously employed at was located. This was in an attempt to compete with Redford, from which he said he had been unfairly discharged. Another employee from the Redford factory was hired by Foster too. Between 1833 and 1881 the Redwood Glass Manufacturing Company flourished in Redwood.

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