Pamelia (Town)

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Town of Pamelia[edit | edit source]

The Town of Pamelia was formed in 1819 from part of the Town of Brownville.

Early Settlement[edit | edit source]

(The following excerpt taken from Our County And Its People: A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York; Edited by Edgar C. Emerson, The Boston History Company,1898.)

Pamelia, named by General Brown in honor of his wife, was formed from Brownville in 1819, and was first settled in 1799 by two men named Boshart and Kitts, whose stay was brief, and was followed by settlement of a more permanent character by Thomas Makepeace and Mr. Havens in 1801 and 1805. The town comprised two parts of three tracts, Penet's Square, great lot No. 4, and the Chassanis tract; but the portion taken from Penet's Square was not annexed to the town until 1829.

Cities, Villages and Hamlets[edit | edit source]

Glen Park (village)