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Orville Hungerford was a United States Representative from New York, born in Farmington, Connecticut (now Bristol) on October 29, 1790. In pursuit of opportunity and land, his father, Timothy Hungerford, moved the family to Watertown, New York in 1804. Timothy was unable to send Orville to college because he needed help with his farm.

Not enamored with farming, Orville began working in his brother-in-law, Jabez Foster's, store, which profited from selling supplies to U.S forces (and undoubtedly British forces as well) during the War of 1812. Eventually, Orville established his own store and became a banker. His involvement with the community, especially the local Masonic Order, and his friendship with local politician and judge, Perley Keyes, piqued his interest in politics. As a Democrat, he was elected to the 28th and 29th U.S. Congress. In his second term he served on the powerful Committee on Ways and Means. In 1846 he lost his seat to a Whig party candidate. [1]

After his political career ended Orville focused his energies on establishing the Watertown & Rome Railroad. He died on April 6, 1851 and was buried in Brookside Cemetery in Watertown.

Orville Hungerford built a large Georgian mansion on Washington Street in 1824. It was moved in the 1960s to make way for the Carriage House Hotel.

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