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Mill Street[edit | edit source]


Lower Mill Street

Mill Street in Watertown begins at Public Square and stretches north to the city limits. The street is designated as US Route 11. A bridge on Mill Street spans Beebee Island and the Black River's great falls. The name derives from Watertown's first mills, were built on and around the Black River and Beebee Island during the very early years of settlement.

Mill St Bridge-1857.jpg

Mill Street 1857

Lower Mill Street early on began as a manufacturing center in Watertown. Numerous mills and factories dotted the street on and around Beebee Island and the Black River. Further development designated upper Mill Street as a residential area. Despite the loss of much industry in Watertown during the late 20th century, the configuration of lower and upper Mill Street remains today.

View from Brighton roof.jpg

Mill Street and Beebee Island c. 1910

Lower Mill Street and Beebee Island are today occupied by Knowlton Technologies, which comprises a complex of buildings, some of which date to the 1830's. Other, smaller business occupy lower Mill, while upper Mill continues it's traditional role as a residential district.

Notable Structures on Mill Street[edit | edit source]

Mill Street Bridge

Riverside Flats

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