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Micah Sterling (1784-1844)[edit | edit source]

Micah Sterling was born in Lyme, Connecticut November 5, 1784. He graduated from Yale in 1804 and attended Litchfield Law School. In 1809, he moved to Adams, and then to Watertown, where he practiced law. Aside from his law practice, Sterling also held several other posts in Watertown. He served as Treasurer of the Village of Watertown in 1816, then served as director of the Jefferson County Bank.

In 1821, Sterling was elected to the U.S. Congress as a member of the Federalist Party. After serving one- two year term, Sterling returned to Watertown, where he continued his law practice. In 1836, Sterling served a three year term in the New York State Senate. Sterling died in Watertown April 11, 1844 at the age of 59. He was buried in Brookside Cemetery.

Sterling built a large stone mansion in Watertown in the 1820's, situated on what would become known as Sterling Place. The road leading up to Sterling's mansion would later be named Sterling Street. The mansion still stands. Sterling Place is today located on the campus of Immaculate Heart Parochial (formerly Holy Family) School. The mansion houses the school's Pre-k and Kindergarten classrooms.

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