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Massey Mansion[edit | edit source]

Leray Mansion
Leray Mansion
The Massey Mansion was a red brick home that once stood on Rexford Place (previously known as Massey Avenue) in Watertown. It was the third home built by Hart Massey, who was one of Watertown’s first settlers.

Massey, desiring a home that would befit his status as one of Watertown’s leading citizens, moved from his simple hall and parlor frame house on Washington Street into his newly built mansion in 1812. The structure was noted as the first home built of brick in Jefferson County.

The mansion remained in the Massey family until 1893, when it passed to various owners, including architect Milo Cleveland. John Knowlton purchased the home in 1896, and donated it to the Watertown Bureau of Charities.

The home passed through several private owners until it was purchased by Mercy Hospital in the late 1960’s. Mercy Hospital tore down the Massey Mansion in 1971 to make room for a parking lot.

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