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Jefferson County

Jefferson County, NY is located near the Canadian border (approximately 70 miles north of Syracuse) and includes the Thousand Islands. It is the home to beautiful outdoors as well as shopping and much history. The county consists of twelve-hundred square miles of land with a population of 114,000+. Jefferson County was created around 1805 from the County of Oneida and named after Thomas Jefferson.


Jefferson County's major city is Watertown with a population of over 27,000+. The county also includes numerous townships, villages, and hamlets. All townships have a historian and a clerk, and some villages have a clerk and historian; who may be the same person as the townships. Some villages are so small that they are considered hamlets and are governed by a larger village or township.

Fort Drum, the military installation and home of the 10th Mountain Division, is also situated in Jefferson County. Jefferson Community College is the main collegial institution in Jefferson County.

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The Jefferson County NY Wiki is intended to be a long-term project that will document - in delicious detail - the history and current state of Jefferson County, New York and all of its environs including Watertown and Fort Drum.

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