Longue Vue Island

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Longue Vue Island[edit | edit source]

Longue Vue is an artificial island located in the Thousand Islands region Town of Alexandria. It is significant as being the only known artificial island on the St. Lawrence River.

Unable to find an island in which to build their summer home, New York City lumber dealer Hudson Rose and his wife Molly purchased four shoals in Linden Cove on which to build an island and home. Rose hired the the New York City firm of Barney and Chapman to build the house and island. The home was built first, on one shoal. The island was completed by filling in land between three of the four shoals surrounded by a large granite wall. The project was completed in 1905, and the island was originally named Rosetta Island, after its first owners.

The island changed owners several times, finally being abandoned during the Great Depression. The Island was purchased in the 1940's by Dolliger family of Rochester, NY. The house and island remain in the Dolliger family down to the present day.

Although small exterior alterations were made in the 1920's and 1950's, the house remains almost entirely in its original state. Longue Vue Island was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.