Leo McClusky brutally Murders Holly Gilbert

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14 year old Leo McClusky, son of former District Attorney and former County Judge William McClusky, was caught by Holly Gilbert, wife of County Republican Chairman Atty Hugh Gilbert, burglarizing her apartment. They struggled and McClusky shot Gilbert with the .38 caliber handgun that the boy had stolen earlier in another burglary nearby. Her young sons found her body. After an intense investigation, including a sworn statement by a friend who had told police McClusky had stolen a gun nearby the murder scene, an all-points bulletin was issued and the boy was captured on the Thruway near Buffalo. McClusky gave the location of the gun and it was recovered, in fireable condition with one live round in the chamber.

McClusky admitted murdering Holly Gilbert and to other burglaries and because of his age he was given the maximum term that could be imposed - ordered incarcerated at Brookside for up to 18 months but the judge agreed to the prosecution's request of a possible extension on a yearly basis up to his 18th birthday.

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