LeRay Hotel, Evans Mills

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LeRay Hotel, Evans Mills[edit | edit source]

LeRay Hotel 1930. Sign on building leads visitors to the Palmer Lounge
One famous visitor to the hotel was John Van Buren, the son of President Martin Van Buren. Van Buren had come to the area looking to purchase land and, while at the hotel, became involved in an infamous game of cards with George Parish of Ogdensburg. During this game, Van Buren lost almost all of his money to Parish, and, in an attempt to reclaim it, put forth his mistress, Maria Amerigo Vespucci as a final wager. Van Buren lost this hand, and Vespucci returned to Ogdensburg with Parish, where they lived happily together for the next 18 years.The hotel in these early years was known as the Brick Hotel.

The building has been used a hotel, tavern and restaurant throughout much of its history. The hotel received the LeRay name in 1946, when new ownership at the time rehabilitated and reopened the dilapidated structure. The hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The LeRay Hotel in Evans Mills is not to be confused with the LeRay Hotel which at one time stood in Watertown.

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