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Lance G. "Tex" Corrigan[edit | edit source]

Watertown's own cowboy

Lance G. "Tex" Corrigan was born Kenneth Gerald Joseph Kingsley on January 13, 1905 in Norwood. He nearly always appeared in cowboy outfits around Watertown; with a pair of toy pistols in holsters, a wide brimmed hat, high-heeled cowboy boots, a cowboy jacket, and dungarees. Tex was always around for parades, ball games, and other large attractions and also took part in the parades.

The cowboy was said to be a quick draw with his pistols, too. He said that he wore the guns to entertain and make kids laugh and also let others know that he was fully aware that he was a Watertown "character", unlike the average hometown "character" who may have no clue as to their status.

Tex worked at many jobs through-out his life, and joined the Army but was then honorably discharged.

He had been married in 1929 and then separated, a son was adopted out to a family in Smithville. It was after being discharged from the Army that he decided to become Lance G. "Tex" Corrigan to entertain people. He was first known as "a singing cowboy" and appeared in amateur theater stage shows.

"Tex" died at 45 at Mercy Hospital of lobar pneumonia and kidney ailment after brief illness. He had been found critically ill in his hotel room at the Hotel Roosevelt on Court Street.

Tex was buried in this favorite cowboy outfit including hat, toy guns, and also with full military honors. Many visited the funeral chapel to honor him before he was buried.

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