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Jefferson House[edit | edit source]

Great Bend

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According to the book 'The Growth of a Century' by John A. Haddock and Eli Thayer, this house was erected in 1842 but some sources say 1829.

This large three-story structure in the middle of Great Bend, still standing, was made of limestone from a local quarry and was built by Jewett Clark. Clark was a contractor on the Black River Canal, and a few years after building the Jefferson House drowned in the Black River.

While the building was being built the story goes that while some rafters were being put into position they gave way and three men fell straight through to the cellar, but none were injured.

Jefferson House was used for many years as a hotel and inn, and was a great stopping-off place for stagecoaches of the time.

In 1890 a fire ripped through the village of Great Bend but the Jefferson House was saved, with great effort on the part of residents.

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