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The Jefferson County Fair[edit | edit source]

The Jefferson County Fair is the longest running county fair in the US and the second in New York State, created in 1817 by the Jefferson County County Agricultural Society but the fair itself was inspired by a competition in 1808 to produce the best woolen cloth. This competition was supplied by James D. Leray and jointly won by Hart Massey and Noadiah Hubbard.

The first Jefferson County Fair was first held in 1817 with many distinguished visitors attending, including Roswell Woodruff and Judge Noadiah Hubbard, who exhibited his oxen and wagons.

It was piloted for many decades by Alex Duffy, and the Watertown Fairgrounds (where the Jefferson County Fair is held) was renamed Alex Duffy Fairgrounds in Alex Duffy's honor. The fairgrounds itself is sixty-seven acres with a baseball field, grandstands, an ice arena that doubles as a major fair building. For more info see the Alex Duffy Fairgrounds.

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