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Jeff Graham
Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham is the mayor of Watertown, having served four terms at present. He once owned The Speakeasy, now Fort Pearl, a Watertown bar. He also hosts a noon radio show, "The Hotline", on the Watertown AM radio station WATN 1240.

Graham has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri.

In 2002, during the time that Graham was the owner of The Speakeasy, a controversy and scandal developed concerning John R. Breen and and Quick Draw. Breen, step-father and financial adviser of the supermodel Maggie Rizer, gambled away the model's entire finances of $7 million, while playing Quick Draw at The Speakeasy and other local bars. Quick Draw is a state-run keno-like video lottery game. Breen then began bouncing checks before he was arrested and served a prison sentence for the crime. In 2005 Rizer sued Graham, various banks and others. A local newspaper did an expose, and the state lottery opened an investigation into how Graham handled Quick Draw, after which the bar's license was suspended. The Quick Draw license has since been restored.

Quote: “It was 200 years ago that the folks who settled Watertown, the Coffeen's, the Massey's, et cetera, gathered here on this location and formed the beginnings of a community. We are what we are today because they were willing to take the chance and move here with their families, facing an uncertain future, no real livelihood, and probably a pretty foreboding environment.”

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On his radio show.

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