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The murder of Irene Izak[edit | edit source]

Irene Izak, 25, was from Scranton, PA, born in the Ukraine. In 1964 she taught French in Binghamton and in 1966 in Rochester.

On June 10th, 1968 she was on her way to a job interview at Laval University in Quebec when she was pulled over by a state trooper, David Hennigan driving an unmarked car. She didn't stop at first, having a previous road-related incident, but finally did. He had stopped her for speeding but allowed her to go on her way with only a warning.

While at the Thousand Islands Bridge toll, the toll collector noticed that she seemed nervous. She asked for a light for her cigarette, even though matches were later found in her purse. She also asked about State Police procedures and pointed out Hennigan's car to the toll collector as the car passed through the toll gate.

Later, Trooper Hennigan found her car at a rest stop off Route 191 on Wellesley Island, the lights still on. He then found her body, still warm and dead from injuries from stones. The officer was questioned but the state police said that there was no evidence that he had been involved. The case was never solved the officer continued in his job until his retirement, after retirement he became a Catholic deacon in his church and won't discuss the incident.

The case was later re-opened by the family and the body exhumed. Little seemed to come of it, despite rumor and unexplained findings by experts.

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