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Things purported to be invented in Jefferson County[edit | edit source]

Chloroform - Dr. Samuel Guthrie of Sackets Harbor used it for anesthesia.

The percussion pill, for firearms- Samuel Guthrie

The safety pin - Walter Hunt.

A practical sewing machine- Walter Hunt

The brown paper bag- Taggart

Shredded wheat- not invented in Watertown, but the machine that made it was

The Hitchcock lamp (with a wind-up fan in the bottom to cut down on smoke)- Robert Hitchcock

The hooded t-shirt

The railroad sleeping car - invented by Theodore Woodruff

Bedsprings- James Liddy

The fountain pen

The Eames vaccuum brake- (Fred Eames)

Car Freshner 'little-trees'

Croghan Bologna

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (in Philadelphia, NY; but there is some debate as to whether it really was invented here or actually in the Catskill region)

The original yo-yo idea (Maybe not.. check out this link Who Invented The Yo-Yo])

Thousand Islands Dressing (mayonnaise with chili sauce and seasonings - chopped pimentos, green peppers, and onion).

Lifesavers - Edward John Noble lived in Gouverneur; he owned the Beechnut Fruit Company and invented Lifesavers.

(Maybe not .. .Check out this link Life Savers Candy History])

Also to note (this is the best place I could find for this) a 'B' Horror movie was filmed at Boldt Castle back in the early 1980's. "Fear No Evil" was a vision of Writer/Director Frank Laloggia.

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