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The House of the Good Samaritan[edit | edit source]


1972 Addition
Ten Eyck St
The House of the Good Samaritan is a hospital in Watertown.

The hospital first opened in 1887 in a house on the corner of Ten Eyck and Holcomb Streets. In 1897, A Mrs. Lord bequeathed the sale of her property, with all money to be donated to build a new hospital. A site on Washington Street, across from the Henry Keep Home was settled upon, and the new hospital was opened a few years later. For many years, Samaritan offered hospital services along with Mercy Hospital, located on Stone Street.

1902 Building
Samaritan Keep Home
The hospital was greatly expanded in the 1970's, with new additions added to the original structure. It had also, for some years taken ownership of the Henry Keep Home. The hospital tore down the Keep Home in 1972 and built a modern facility in its place, naming the new facility the Samaritan Keep Home. In 2007, a $61 million expansion project was announced, which would add new buildings and a parking structure. This expansion will greatly benefit Jefferson County's growing population, and allow the hospital to offer many new services, as Samaritan, since the closure of Mercy Hospital, remains Jefferson County's main medical facility.

The hospital has been known by several different names in its history, all variations of the Samaritan name. It is today known as the Samaritan Medical .

Construction on the new patient pavilion and parking garage began in the Fall of 2008.

Now known as Samaritan Medical Center

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