Gunn's Corners

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Gunn's Corners[edit | edit source]

Where Route 180 and Route 12 North meet at a (sometimes dangerous) intersection with a caution light, where the towns of Brownville, Clayton, and Orleans come together.

At various times there have been a tavern, stores, motel, and houses there or nearby, and farm buildings across the corner.

Gunn's Corners got its name from John N. Gunn who was a veteran of the War of 1812. He settled in the Town of Pamelia pre-1819 and operated a store at Pamelia Four Corners. In the winter of 1836 he bought about ten acres in the Town of Clayton at what now is the location of Gunn's Corners, which is named after him.

The very old Gunn's Corner's Hotel was destroyed in an explosion and fire in 1947. An explosion was heard originating from the cellar and the fire was fueled by a gas truck who's driver quickly drove away when he heard the explosion. The hose spewed fuel all over and helped to spread the fire. One of the hotel's employees grabbed the money on his way out, and all human inhabitants escaped without injury. A bull dog, allowed to roam around the lobby at night, was lost as well as a family of cats.

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