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GLOSSARY OF OCCUPATIONS (Date unknown)[edit | edit source]

Aquarius (Ewer) -- Waterman

Aurifaber -- Goldsmith

Avenator (Plantifene) -- Hay and Forage Merchant

Barker -- Tanner

Baxter -- Baker

Belhoste -- Tavern keeper

Belleyetere -- Bellfounder

Bever -- Beverage maker

Blockmaker -- One who crafted pulleys

Bowyer -- Bowmaker

Brasiler -- Dyer

Burneman -- Carrier of barm or water for brewers

Cancellarius -- Chancellor

Cardmaker -- Maker of cards or instruments for combing wool

Carnifex -- Butcher

Carpentarius -- Carpenter

Castor -- Hat maker

Chaloner -- Dealer in shalloon, a material made in Chƒlons.

Chapman -- Merchant

Chirugion -- Apothecary or Surgeon

Cissor -- Tailor

Clericus -- Clerk

Cocus (Keu) -- Cook

Combere -- Woolcomber

Corvisor (Cordewanarius, Cordwainer) -- Shoemaker, originally

a worker in Cordovan leather

Cotiler -- Cutler

Cuhreur (Cunreur) -- Currier

Cuper -- Cooper; a barrel maker

Dexter -- Dyer

Dubbere -- Cloth dubber, i.e., one who raises the nap of cloth

Dudder -- Probably a maker of coarse cloaks

Daunsel -- Gentleman in waiting, groom or squire

Dysshere -- Probably a ditcher, or in some cases a disher

Elymaker -- Oilmaker

Faber -- Smith

Felmonger -- Hide dealer forges

Ferur (Ferator) -- Farrier or blacksmith

Fisher (Fishdryver) -- Victualler

Flauner -- Confectioner

Fleshewer -- Butcher

Fletcher -- Arrowmaker

Forestarius -- Forester

Frereman -- Servant of the Friars

Fuller -- One who trampled cloth See also Walker

Furber (Furbour) -- Furbisher of armor

Furner -- Baker

Garcifer (Garcio) -- Groom, attendant

Garlekmonger -- Dealer in garlic

Glassewryght -- Maker and mender of glassware

Gynour -- Engineer

Hamberghmaker (Hamberow) -- Horse collar maker

Harper -- Musician (?).

Hetheleder -- Provider of heather for fuel

Hosteler -- Innkeeper

Husbandman -- Tenant farmer

Kepegest -- Innkeeper

Latouner -- Worker in latten, a metal resembling brass

Limner -- Draughtsman or Artist

Lokeer -- Locksmith

Lorimer -- Bridlemaker

Macun -- Mason

Marescallus -- Marshall

Medicus -- Leech, Doctor

Mercator -- Merchant

Molendinarius -- (Muner) -- Miller

Mustarder -- Grower and grinder of mustard

Nailor -- Nail maker

Nedder -- Needle-maker

Palmer -- A Pilgrim, one who had been, or pretended to have

been, to the Holy Land

Paneler -- Saddler

Pannarius -- Clothier and Draper

Pannebeter -- Pan-hammerer, or perhaps cloth driver

Pardoner -- One licensed to sell Papal Indulgences

Parmentor -- Probably a parchment maker, or tailor

Parcheminer -- Parchment maker

Pattenmaker -- Maker of iron-rimmed patterns for footwear

Pelliparius (Peltarius) -- Skinner

Perukemaker -- Wigmaker

Pictor -- Painter

Pinder -- Keeper of the Pound or Pinfold

Piscarius -- Fishmonger

Piscator -- Fisherman

Pistor -- Miller or Baker

Plantifene (see Avernator)

Plomer -- Plumber

Pynner -- Pin-maker

Roper -- Ropemaker

Rotarius -- Wheelwright

Safernman -- Grower of Saffron

Samitere (Samite) -- Maker of a kind of heavy silk

Sauntere -- Probably Salt maker

Sausere -- Salter

Sawyer - - Wood worker

Seinter -- Girdlemaker

Seler (Sellarius) -- Sadder

Sempster -- Seamstress

Serviens -- Sergeant

Servus -- Servant

Sherman (Shearman) -- One who raised the surface of woolen

cloth and then sheared it to a smooth surface

Shether -- (See Vaginarius)

Sifker -- Sievemaker

Silkmaker spinster -- Female spinner

Silkmaker throster -- Male spinner

Simpler -- Agriculturist that we would call herbalist today

Sissor (Cissor) -- Tailor

Sleymaker -- Maker of instruments to part threads in weaving

Soper -- Soapmaker

Spittleman -- Hospital Attendant

Spicer -- Grocer

Spurrier -- Spurmaker

Stabler -- Ostler

Stasyon (Stawsun) -- Probably a Stationer

Sugarer -- Dealer in sugar (Grocer ?)

Sumner -- Summoner or Apparitor

Sutor -- Shoemaker or cobbler

Swordcutter -- Smith who fashioned swords

Tabernarius -- Taverner, Innkeeper

Tannator -- Tanner

Teinter -- Dyer

Textor -- Weaver

Tinctor -- Dyer or possibly a painter

Upholder -- Upholsterer; also a cheapjack and seller of

secondhand goods

Vaginarius, Sheather -- Scabbard maker

Venator (Venur) -- Huntsman

Vineroon -- Wine grower

Vintner -- Wine Merchant

Walker (Same as Fuller) -- Cloth trampler or cleaner

Webster -- Weaver

Whitesmith -- Tinsmith; or one who finishes & polishes

after the Smith

Whittawer -- Preparer of white leather

Yeoman -- Freehold farmer

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