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First Presbyterian Church[edit | edit source]

In Watertown


Established in 1803, the First Presbyterian Church comprises the oldest organized faith community in Watertown. The congregation met in several places, until their first church, built of stone, was erected on the corner of Academy and Washington Streets in the 1820's. This structure was built on the former site of the first permanent school in Watertown, a structure that served as a military hospital during the War of 1812. The current brick structure, designed by Otis Wheelock, replaced the stone church in 1851.

Washington-1st Presb 1880 s.jpg

Wheelock's Original Structure.

Wheelock's original design was altered in 1875, when the current steeple was built and in 1892, when the front portico and rear additions were added. One architect plan for the 1890's renovations showed a mixture of Gothic and Roman influences. These influences, however, were not used in the final design.


Architect Expansion Plan

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