Ellisburg (Town)

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Ellisburg (Town of)[edit | edit source]

The Town of Ellisburg was formed in 1803.

Early Settlement[edit | edit source]

(The following excerpt taken from Our County And Its People: A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York; Edited by Edgar C. Emerson, The Boston History Company,1898.)

Ellisburg, as has been mentioned, was first settled by Lyman Ellis in 1797, but soon afterward, during the same year, Caleb Ellis came, and also a company of men engaged by the pioneer to build a saw and grist mill on Sandy Creek, and a dam across the stream. Caleb Ellis's family, Robert Fulton, Elijah Richardson, Hezekiah Pierce, Chauncey Smith, William Root, Vial Salisbury, Isaac Waddle, Abram Wilcox and two men named Thornton came to the town in the spring of 1798.

Cities, Villages and Hamlets[edit | edit source]

Ellisburg (village)

Mannsville (village)