Credo Community Center for the Trteatment of Addictions

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In 2000, two agencies - Credo Foundation (primarily a substance abuse treatment agency) and Community for Alcoholism (primarily an alcohol treatment agency) - merged to become Credo Community for the Treatment of Addictions. They are a licensed OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services) agency and are a not for profit organization.

Credo operates 2 outpatient treatment facilities. The main agency is in Watertown and they also have a clinic in Carthage. They treat children, adolescents and adults who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and also treat family members. They have a wide selection of group therapies as well as offering individual therapy. They accept most major insurances and have a sliding fee scale for those who must self pay.

They have 2 long term residential programs. The Credo Farm is located in the Town of Pamelia and caters to adolescent males (ages 16-21). They operate a working farm and combine hard work and structure with vocational and educational training and substance abuse treatment.

The Credo Women's Residence is located in Watertown and is for adult women. Under certain circumstances women can bring their child (under age 5) to live with them. This 9-12 month program allows women to live and receive treatment in a home-like setting.

Credo also offers 2 other residential program. The men's halfway house is located in Watertown. Men live in the home and learn structure and responsibility while still being active and involved in the community.

The men's aftercare program is also located in Watertown. It is less restrictive than the halfway house and allows men to work as they make their transition into independent living.