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Court Street[edit | edit source]

Court Street in Watertown runs from Public Square and ends at the Court Street Bridge at the Black River. The name Court Street derives from this street being home to the first Jefferson County Courthouse and Jail, which were built in 1805. It was the site of the first Jefferson County Fair in 1816. It continued to be called Court Street even after the county courthouse was moved to Arsenal Street in 1862.

Court Street, which comprises part of the Downtown Watertown district, has traditionally been one of Watertown's main business centers.Watertown's Great Fire of 1849 destroyed much of Court Street, but was quickly rebuilt. In the 1960's, many of Court Street's 19th century buildings were demolished as part of the city's Urban Renewal program.

Old Postcard of Court Streetcenter
Old Postcard of Court Street

Notable Court Street Structures

Court Street Bridge

City Hall

The Brighton

Hardiman Hotel

Crowner Hotel

Trinity Episcopal Church

Safford Block

Current Stores[edit | edit source]

ReCre's Bike Studio

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