Cornwall Brothers Store

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Cornwall Brothers Store[edit | edit source]

The Cornwall and Walton Store, located on Market Street in Alexandria Bay, was built of stone in 1866. The store was built by Andrew Cornwall Sr. and John Walton. The structure replaced a wood framed store that was built by Walton's father and brother. The store boasted two facades, one facing the street and one facing the St. Lawrence River, where boats could dock at the store's waterfront entrance.

In 1877, the store was taken over by Cornwall's sons, and thereafter was known as the Cornwall Brothers Store. The brothers greatly expanded the street facade of the store, as the structure became dwarfed by the newly constructed Thousand Islands House and Crossman House hotels that were built on either side of the store.

The Cornwall family operated the store well into the 1930's. After the store closed, the building was abandoned for many years. It was later restored and serves today as a picture museum, highlighting Alexandria Bay's role as a tourist destination in the Thousand Islands region. The structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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