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Clifford Carr[edit | edit source]

Well-known and well-liked local stockcar driver, and one of the oldest at his death also.

Clifford started racing young, right afterWorld War II with his first competitive race at Edgewood Speedway in Alexandria Bay, and he raced and many other local racetracks including the old Watertown Fairgrounds track. While racing he learned to be an excellent mechanic as he had no pit crew. In later years he limited himself to the Evans Mills Speedway, where he drove in the Late Model category.

In 1967 his wife died and he quit racing, and sold all his racing equipment and cars. But he also kept working on cars, and later he began racing again. Also, for a short time while in his 70's he again retired from racing.

Clifford didn't win a lot, especially in his later years, but he always enjoyed racing and was well-liked by fans and drivers alike. He claimed never to have hit another car intentionally, though others did so to him.

In one such accident a Canadian driver cut him off, flipping his car end over end. After Clifford got out of the car he was bare-footed though he had of course been racing with his shoes; they had flown completely off him.

While driving he sometimes competed against his son, Dave.

"Barefoot" Bob McCreadie bought his first car from Clifford - a 1932 Chevy coupe.

Clifford Carr continued to drive and race into his later years.

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