Clayton (Town)

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Town of Clayton[edit | edit source]

The Town of Clayton was formed in Jefferson County in 1833.

Early Settlement[edit | edit source]

(The following excerpt taken from Our County And Its People: A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York; Edited by Edgar C. Emerson, The Boston History Company,1898.)

Clayton was formed from Lyme and Orleans in 1833, taking from the latter two-fifths of Penet's Square. The pioneer was one Bartlett (the christian name being unknown), who was stationed there by the land agents to maintain a ferry between Bartlett's point and Gananoque, but after about a year the settler burned his buildings and left the locality. The proprietors also made other attempts to found a settlement, but failure appeared to attend each effort, and it was not until several years afterward that the region became permanently occupied. Grindstone and several smaller islands are within the jurisdiction of Clayton.

Cities, Villages and Hamlets[edit | edit source]

Clayton (village)

Depauville (hamlet)