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Calcium[edit | edit source]

Calcium is a hamlet located in the southwestern part of the Town of LeRay about five miles from Watertown in Jefferson County. It was first settled in 1804 by Roswell Woodruff who later sold 1200 acres of the farm to Captain Ezekiel Jewett. At that time it was referred to as Captain Jewetts, Jewett's Corners (not to be mistaken for the crossroad's named Jewetts Corner's in the Town of Alexandria) and Jewetts Schoolhouse. A Mr. Sanford bought the land from Captain Jewett and it was then named Sanfords Corners.

In 1812 , LeRay de Chaumont donated land for a school. School District # 1 in Jewetts Corners was the first school to open in the Town of LeRay, Calcium at that time also had its own cemetery. In 1828/29 a post office was established and by 1855 there was a store and a R. W. & O. Railroad Station. The railroad brought more settlers and businesses to the village. The Union Church/Calcium Community Church was built in 1853 by three different denominations; Methodist Episcopal, Christian, and Unitarian, and was shared by them and is still being used today.

In 1853 Mr. F. X. Baumert opened a cheese factory in a brick building which was supposed to be a hotel, built in 1825 by Oliver Priece. By 1854 it was the only cheese factory in Jefferson County (& possibly America) that made Limburger Cheese. When Mr. Baumert died in 1882 his wife and six sons took over the family business they specialized in making European Cheese. The business grew and in 1887 they built a larger factory and also had an office in New York City for sales and distribution of the cheese.

1899 saw a brick company starting manufacture there.

Old Ryor Turkey Farm Building
Old Ryor Turkey Farm Building

Calcium didn't become its name until May 1, 1911. One reference states that the Post Office changed it so as not to be mistaken for Sanfordville in St. Lawrence County, and another reference states that Bishop changed it to "Calcium" because of his packing process.

Later the building at left was part of the part Ryor Turkey Farm (more info at this external page]).

A well-used and well-maintained walking trail goes through part of the village of Calcium, built over a waste line reaching from Watertown to Fort Drum - external link with pictures.

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