Brownville (Town)

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Town of Brownville[edit | edit source]

The Town of Brownville was formed in 1802.

Early Settlement[edit | edit source]

(The following excerpt taken from Our County And Its People: A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York; Edited by Edgar C. Emerson, The Boston History Company,1898.)

Brownville, one of the county's most historic and substantial divisions, the lands were about equally divided by the south line of great lot number four of the Macomb's Purchase; therefore settlement and improvement was divided between the proprietors under the Antwerp Company and Rodolph Tillier, agent for the sale of lands on the Chassanis tract. He induced Jacob Brown to make an investment in lands on his tract, which resulted in a purchase, and in 1799 this worthy pioneer came to the town with a portion of his family and made the first improvement near the mouth of Philomel Creek, on Black River, where was afterward built up the village of Brownville. In 1800 the pioneer erected a saw mill, and in 1801 a grist mill, both at the mouth of the creek. A bridge across the river was built in 1802, and a dam in 1806. Jacob Brown built the first house in the county north of Black River. Other pioneers in the town were George Brown, Samuel Brown (father to Jacob) and his family, John W. Collins, Richardson Avery, Nathan Parish and Horace Mather. In 1807 the town had 181 legal voters, with property qualifications.

Cities, Villages and Hamlets[edit | edit source]

Brownville (village)

Glen Park (village)