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Bomax, Inc.[edit | edit source]

Bomax as it looks now, photo from OABONNY.COM

The company began in October 1962 and manufactured sub-fractional horsepower motors, C-frames, shaded pole motors, AC & electric motors; blowers and fans and at one time employed around fifty workers, but closed in 2004.

But in the early 1990's chlorinated solvents, used to clean the motors they manufactured, were found by the DEC leeching into the soil and groundwater, having been dumped into the septic tank system through the floor drains and then later leaking into the soil surrounding the septic system. It is listed as one of New York State's inactive hazardous-waste disposal sites.

From the now-defunct Bomax website - "Bomax, Inc., (Bomax) began operations in 1962 as a result of the entrepreneurial efforts of Robert G. Marzolf and Max E. Lautner. After seven years of steady growth as a closely held business Bomax was merged with Gould, Inc. on April 30, 1969. Bomax continued to grow as the Electric Motor Division of Gould manufacturing in excess of 30,000 motors a day during the latter part of the 1970's. In 1989, D'Amico, Christie and Gomez purchased the Bomax facility and began manufacturing motors with substantially the same personnel as with its predecessors. As a result of insufficient capital Bomax was placed on the sale block once again and in 1992 the D'Amico, Christie and Gomez ownership was succeeded by Fernand Fournier, an entrepreneur in several other non-related ventures. In June 2002, the company was sold to Thomas Dardaris, a previous partner with Mr. Fournier.

Bomax has focused on product quality and customer service as the mechanisms to regain the reputation created by our original founders some thirty years ago. Recognizing we are in a mature industry with minimal dynamics we believe we can earn our way back into the good graces of the customers that we successfully served in the past, as well as attracting new entrepreneurs developing new applications for our products.

Jefferson County Industry Bomax is the only sub-fractional horsepower electric motor manufacturer with in-house capabilities of plastic injection molding, die casting, shaft manufacturing and rotor casting. The in-house manufacture of component parts results in design flexibility and production scheduling to meet stringent customer specifications and deliveries. Additionally, it allows us to control the quality aspect of all the component parts that go into our motors.

In 1997, Bomax purchased its manufacturing facility to secure its right to continue its objective of sustained growth and profitable operations. The ownership of Bomax is committed to continue making investments in people and equipment, and to provide the necessary resources to obtain these objectives."

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