Bedford Creek Bridge

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Bedford Creek Bridge[edit | edit source]

Photo courtesy of WWR
The Bedford Creek Bridge sits on Campbell's Point Pond over Bedford Creek in the Town of Hounsfield. The stone, arch bridge was built in 1825. The bridge makes up part of Campbell's Point Road, a narrow stretch marked by many 19th century farmhouses known early on as Scotch Settlement. This road once constituted part of Old Henderson Road, which was the main passage between the Village of Jewettsville and Henderson.

During the construction of State Route 3 during the 1930's, the decision was made to bypass Campbell's Point Road, in order to preserve the bridge and the neighboring architecture. Since the construction of Route 3, traffic over the bridge has been reduced to local vacationers in Campbell's Point, which has helped preserved the bridge to the present day.

Bedford Creek Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

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