Battle of Cranberry Creek

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The Battle of Cranberry Creek, during the War of 1812, was a minor engagement in which local forces defeated a much larger group of British soldiers and sailors, who attempted to regain supplies and provisions taken earlier by the Americans.

On July 14, 1813, the Neptune, under command of Capt. Samuel Dixon, and the Fox, under command of Capt. Dimock, set sail from Sackets Harbor with a detachment of 21 men from the 21st Reg., to harass British shipping on the St. Lawrence River. Camped at Cranberry Creek, on the 18th at 4 am they spotted a British supply train, convoyed by the gunboat Spitfire. They surprised and routed the convoy capturing supplies and men, which were immediately dispatched by land to Sackets Harbor.

At sunrise on the 21st, the British attempted to recapture their stores at Cranberry Creek with four gunboats, transports, and 250 soldiers. They were assaulted on their landing by 30 Americans consisting of mixed infantry, riflemen and militia. A cannonade ensued which lasted for over an hour. At 6 am, the enemy retreated to their boats and sent a demand for surrender, which was instantly rejected and firing recommenced. The British continued their retreat, taking their dead and wounded with them. The Americans lost three dead and wounded, who are buried near the encampment.

On the 23rd, the American flotilla set sail for Sackets Harbor. While passing Tibbetts Point, they met the British Earl of Moira, and barely escaped by sinking the slower craft. They reached the harbor on the 27th.

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