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The Anthony Farm, at one time the longest barn in Jefferson County[edit | edit source]


The late Tom Anthony built this barn in a valley between two hills on the dead-end road that goes from Parish Road to Perch River Dam (also called the Cooke Road at one time).

At the time that this barn was built and used it was the longest barn in Jefferson County and of a singularly unique design. The barn was around 250 feet long, 60 feet from the roof to the ground. Horses and wagons loaded with hay could enter either end near the roofline and the hay was dumped down into deep mows on either side, which saved a lot of time at a time when most farm work was done nearly completely by hand. The cows and horses were stabled in the bottom part of the barn, in the stone part. In front of the barn was the farm-house, also long-gone.

The DEC took over the land and razed most of it, many years ago but some of the ruins, including the ramps at either end, are still there as well as some foundations (including the water-storage system under the barn), and most of the spring house.

Tom Anthony also was known as the inventor of a low, solid-wood-wheeled wagon with a big platform which could be loaded with a railroad carload of baled hay, drawn by six or more horses.

For more info and pictures including a number of current photos of the ruins and remains go here.

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